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More than just teachers; they’re artists too

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Chemeketa is ringing in the new year with an opportunity to see some of the amazing talent working at our college.

The Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery will be presenting The Art Faculty Show from Jan. 10 until Feb. 9. The show features art faculty from Chemeketa and their art; there are no constraints on the medium or subject matter.

The Art Faculty Show is a chance for art faculty to showcase their art, along with that of their peers, in a place for everyone to enjoy and appreciate. “It’s not just [for] the art department,” said Martin Giovannini, an art faculty member and award-winning artist featured in the gallery.
“It’s other departments, the school, other schools, the community, students,”

The art show runs every two years, and faculty members from both the Visual Arts and Performing Arts (VAPA) and the Visual Communications (VC) programs are invited to bring their art to be presented. “We try to do it just about every other year,” said Kay Bunnenberg, coordinator for the gallery. “Since a lot of our students are on a two year cycle, we can show and represent what we’re doing.”

Because the main purpose of the exhibit is to show off the work of the art faculty, they are free to bring whatever they want to the table. “This is a representation of what the faculty is interested in, what they want to drop off and what they wanna share at the given time,” said Bunnenberg. “The only sort of connective theme is that we all teach together.”

Heidi Preuss Grew, also an award-winning artist and a relatively new instructor to Chemeketa, has featured her porcelain piece, “Foreigner in a Foreign Land.”

“It’s a piece I made in Portugal,” said Grew. “It’s a piece I thought would be appropriate at this particular show, at this time. We have a heightened awareness of the foreigners among us who are struggling to know whether they are going to be here long term or not.”

“If you look at his face, he has other concerns on his mind,” she said, describing her piece. “We are all foreigners in a foreign place. Depends on how you look at it.”

“Photographs are more than just a picture of what you take,” said Giovannini, who teaches photography at Chemeketa, while describing his piece “Barn Owls.” “They’re also a representation of how you feel about life,” said Giovannini.

“It was a reflection of me and my kids at the time, weathering the storm,” he said. “It’s hope. Looking into the future, things will be okay and eventually work out.”

“It’s just a nice picture to look at. I love owls.”

The exhibition will run until Feb. 9, and a new exhibit, “American Portfolio: Pacific Northwest Series,” will begin Feb. 20.

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