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“Music for people who are into music”

Owner Sean Mulrooney poses in The Moon’s downtown broadcasting location.
Photo by Kaitlyn Wimmer

“We’re not a political station, we’re not a talk station, but we could do a lot with music, and that’s what we’ve chosen to do,” said owner and DJ on FM radio station 105.5 The Moon, Sean Mulrooney.

For over a year, The Moon has been drenching the airwaves of Salem with a rock catalog spanning the last several decades.

From the edges of downtown, The Moon and its volunteer DJs provide a unique radio experience for Salemites by participating in the local arts scene, hand picking music libraries and not running advertisements.

While The Moon formally launched in October of 2017, Mulrooney has been a voice on the FM airwaves since college. Bringing a following from an online station called, Mulrooney was offered a frequency in 2014. It took three years to get the station up and running, but it now operates just off Southeast High St. Even The Moon’s broadcasting antenna is located in Salem.

“We’re not getting the signal from Portland. I get to talk about why I love Salem, and the things that are in Salem that I love…I’ve lived here since ‘91, so I’m familiar enough with Salem to be able to make inside jokes and to tease ourselves a little bit about the nightmare that is Lancaster Drive,” said Mulrooney.

The station features a different format than most FM radio stations. While typical community radio stations are dictated by whichever DJ is currently on the air, The Moon operates differently from the common format.

Mulrooney said, “I didn’t want to do it that way. I wanted a core sound. I wanted to find DJs that liked that core sound. I was curious if my taste in programming theory and music would actually translate…While I thought I was being risky with the format to begin with, when we launched, Salem was much more ready for it than I had given them credit for,” Mulrooney said.

The station has DJs who play songs of their choice, but they are chosen from a library of 4,322 songs collected by Mulrooney in order to maintain their core sound. When the station is unmanned, the songs aren’t playing at random. Mulrooney designed an algorithm to keep broadcast flowing.

“The algorithm that I use to present the songs is very calculated. Every song is hand picked. It’s play one from this category, then play one from that category…I’m real fond of ebb and flow when it comes to tempo, and so the broadcast sort of reflects that.”

According to Mulrooney and Volunteer DJ Vikkye Fetters-Delfino, Salem has responded well to the programming.

Fetters-Delfino said, “There’s already been so much positive traction in the way of The Moon and…in Salem and artistic outlets…our comedy scene, our music scene, our art scene. But, I feel like there is kind of a stop gap between those projects and just everybody in Salem. The Moon kind of helps bridge that gap a little bit between those things.”

The Moon has promoted themselves recently in the community as well. Vinyl store Ranch Records is participating in Record Store Day. During this event, customers can order limited edition vinyls and buy them from local record stores on April 13, 2019. The Moon and Ranch Records have an agreement in which, after customers purchase a vinyl on Record Store Day, they are encouraged to then head over to The Moon’s broadcasting location. Manned by Mulrooney, customers can request a song off of their new vinyl and then introduce it to listeners.  

“People would come in and out throughout the entire day and I would que up one song from the record they bought. They would sit across the table and introduce live on the air a song that they love. So they got to play a little bit of the guest DJ thing,” Mulrooney said.

Mulrooney has also managed to keep advertisements off The Moon’s airwaves by having businesses underwrite for the station.

“For a financial contribution they will get on air exposure and thanks for helping us keep the lights on. It is whatever they want to contribute, we will tailor a package exactly for them…our license doesn’t even allow us to play traditional commercials,” said Mulrooney.

Listeners can also text song requests to The Moon at (503) 409-4218.

“Our tagline is…music for people who are into music…And I really believe that,” said Mulrooney.

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