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New York Times now free to Chemeketa students and staff


The New York Times is now free to read online for Chemeketa students. Photo by Jenaro Ramirez.

A subscription to the New York Times that could otherwise cost up to $26.99 a month is now available free of charge to staff and students attending Chemeketa.

The library staff at Chemeketa have recently secured an academic site license with The New York Times. Any student or staff of the college can now access the site from any location on or off campus. Online subscriptions to this repeat Pulitzer Prize winning publication can vary between $15.99 a month for a basic package to $26.99 a month for an all-access package. These subscriptions are no longer a concern of those working or attending class at Chemeketa who may now browse the site’s extensive content for free.

Kathleen Veldhuisen, a reference librarian at Chemeketa’s Salem campus, explained why the library felt this service would be useful to students and staff.

“We decided that it was quite a valuable resource because it has a lot of added value beyond just the text of the New York Times,” she said. “There is a section for example for education, there is a section that has hot topics in the news and asks questions that would make good questions for students to write a paper about. There is archival access to the backfile of the New York Times that goes all the way back to the start.”

Students and staff who take advantage of this resource not only gain access to the site’s most recent content, but also receive access to all New York Times publications dating as far back as 1951. Users’ access to the site though is not strictly educational.

“Just get in here and explore The New York Times site because it has so much good stuff,” Veldhuisen said. “Not just things that they can use for school. It’s got really good recipes and all kinds of stuff. It’s really a very information rich site. It has something for everyone.”

It is a simple process for those eligible to claim their access. After signing in with a Chemeketa account to the library’s website one must open a database search for The New York Times where they will receive a link to claim their free pass.