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On The Spot 02-26-14

On the Spot

What is your opinion on E-cigarettes on campus or in class?

By Brad Bakke

Makiah Merritt

Third-year computer sciences student

“Honestly, my opinion is the perfume policy. If it bothers someone, [the user] should put it off and use it somewhere else.  It does not bother me. In my choir class, there was an older man using one. He informed me about the smoking policy not addressing e-cigarettes.”


Traci Hodgson

History and women’s studies instructor

“I feel there needs to be solid scientific evidence before there is a campus-wide ban.However, if a student was using one in class and causing a disruption, I would ask them to stop.”


Milo Frazier

President, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy

“In class, I feel that it should be up to the Instructor’s discretion. They should have the ability to address it in their syllabus. I feel that in open spaces, it should not be an issue. The Vapors dissipate quickly.”


Ed Dodson

Chairman, Chemeketa Board of Education

“I need to review the information. I am reserving any kind of opinion until I have looked at additional information.”

Bronze Statue

Bronze Statue

Bldg. 2 permanent student

“I’ve been in a quandary about this since the issue first came up. And if I wasn’t so busy rushing off to class, I’d give you an earful. But duty calls.”


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