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On The Spot 03-05-2014

On the Spot

How do you feel about Chemeketa’s board of education voting to not to increase the tuition next year?

By Brad Bakke


Cameron Wollman

First-year business administration student

I have no take on it, it does not effect on me. My schooling is paid for elsewhere.


Gerardo Mazahua

Third-year engineering student

I think that it is great. It will help us to keep going to school.


Crystal Thao

First-year associates of arts transfer student

I think it will help me. I don’t get financial aid. So my family and I have to pay my tuition. With tuition not being raised is making it a lot easier on us [my family].


Viet Le

First-year business administration/marketing student

I am happy. Because, I am paying a lot. Being an international student we pay a different/higher tuition. This is going to save me money.


Amanda Ringo

First-year associates of science transfer for business student

I am excited because it is providing an open opportunity for future students. I am concerned as to what tuition may look like after the fourth year of no tuition increase.

I like how the students vocalized that they did not want an increase. And that the Administration and board listened to us [students].

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