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On The Spot 03-12-2014

On the Spot

What are your plans for preparing for finals?

By Brad Bakke & Natalie Lieurance
Alex_O’Hara_man_on_th_ street2014_#1

Alex O’Hara

First-year Art and Psychology student

“Study like a Madwoman.”

Dustin_Treece_man_on_th_ street2014_#2

Dustin Treece

First-year engineering student

“Eat copious amounts of applesauce and stay up really late.”

Dvon_Wong_man_on_th_ street2014_#3

Dvon Wong

Third-year General Studies/AAOT student

“Sit on the table in my living room, face the wall, put in my headphones and focus on my homework.”

Shelly_Reed_man_on_th_ street2014_#4

Shelly Reed

First-year massage therapy student

“I get reviews from my teachers, make study guides, go over my notes, and got to class. I’m also a tutor to other students.”

Jesse_Butler_man_on_th_ street2014_#5

Jesse Butler

Second-year AAOT student

“I don’t really have any plans. I just do my homework. I don’t really study that much.”

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