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On The Spot 04-09-14

As the weather gets nicer, would you want to have class outside?

By Natalie Lieurance photos by Brad Bakke



Luke Dingus

First-year art transfer student
“The second the sun comes out, all my classes better be outside. Getting my tan on will make math tolerable.”


Nadia Coulibaly

Second-year business student
“No. It would be too distracting because of people walking around, the sun, and the bugs.”


Kayla Bigsby

First-year art transfer student
“It depends on how nice it is. As long as I’m not shivering.”


Ben Gillette

Second-year drafting student
“I would love to have class outside because there is plywood over the windows in my classroom. Then again, it might not be a good idea because all my classes are on computers.”

Miranda_Powell _on_the_spot_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1

Miranda Powell

Second-year cognitive neuroscience student
“Of course. I am definitely a sun baby. I love the sun because I wasborn during the summer.”

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