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On The Spot 11 February 2015

What is the most difficult thing to add to your schedule?

By Crystal Smith – Photos By Crystal Smith

Jerame Norby Edit

Jerame Norby

second-year engineering student

“Getting a late class when you need to take the class.”

Cody Tesch Edit

Cody Tesch

first-year AAOT student

“Time management, I always have a hard time scheduling my time with my college work.”

Cealan Otterstrom Edit

Cealan Otterstrom

first-year computer science student

“Sleep, for you do not see how much it messes you up until the weekend.”

Shelly Diaz De Leon edit

Shelly Diaz de Leon

first-year Oregon transfer student

“Taking more credit classes when I am already full with 12 credit classes.”

Matthew Stenson edit

Matthew Stenson

second-year AAOT student

“I do not have time to spend with my friends because I have to study for my classes.”

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