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On The Spot 11 March 2015

How do you prepare for finals?

By Crystal Smith – Photos By Crystal Smith

James Murphy Crop

James Murphy

second-year AAOT student

“I study then run to get my head working.”

Jason Hernandez Crop

Jason Hernandez

first-year biology student

“I ask questions on the work given to me throughout the term.”

Ricardo Urbano Crop

Ricardo Urbano

second-year AAOT student

“I study with my classmates.”

Josh Ross Crop

Josh Ross

first-year exercise and sport science student

“Looking at past work and things that I do not understand from the class.”

Araceli Rodrgue Crop

Araceli Rodriguez

third-year dental assistant student

“I study a lot for all the finals and take it one week at a time.”

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