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On The Spot 13 May 2015

How do you handle stress during midterms?

By Rebeca Ilisoi – Photos By Brad Bakke

OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no3_April 29, 2015

Chav Nguyen

second-year biochemistry student

“I play violent video games to relieve stress.”

OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no5_April 29, 2015

Tho Hoang Nguyen

first-year pre-nursing student

“I am a positive person, so I don’t think about the test. I live life normally.”

OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no1_April 29, 2015

Niki Bagasani

first-year transfer student

“I listen to classical music for comfort, and I find my own spot to focus.”

OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no4_April 29, 2015

Thuy Do

third-year dental student

“I listen to relaxing music and watch movies.”

OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no2_April 29, 2015

Isiah Lor

third-year transfer student

“Between study time, I take long walks or jogs.”

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