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On The Spot 18 February 2015

Who is your favorite instructor so far and why?

By Crystal Smith – Photos By Crystal Smith

Ariana Pedraza Crop'ed

Ariana Pedraza

second-year undecided student

“Jackie, she does Zumba and makes it fun.”

Robert Stone Crop'ed

Robert Stone

first-year AAOT student

“Tim Mertzinci, he makes math easy to understand.”

Alvaro Cortes Crop'ed

Alvaro Cortes

second-year accounting student

“Jason Jones had the class get involved in discussions.”

Summer Stewart Crop'ed

Summer Stewart

first-year administration student

“Lino Solomon, he is a funny guy.”

Tanner Kain Crop'ed

Tanner Kain

second-year undecided student

“Holly, she got to the point and was helpful.”

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