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On The Spot 22 April 2015

What is the best or worst excuse you’ve given for turning an assignment in late?

By Rebeca Ilisoi – Photos By Brad Bakke

OTS_APR15_2015_#4 April 08, 2015

Adriana Cisneros

2nd term ultra sound technician student

“I said that my kid was sick when he wasn’t. He got sick the next week…karma.”

OTS_APR15_2015_#3 April 08, 2015

Laura Chance

2nd year AAOT student

“My cat clawed and bit my paper. I still turned it in, but it was late.”

OTS_APR15_2015_#6 April 08, 2015

Stephanie Sparks

1st year business student

“I was at the beach and didn’t do an assignment.”

OTS_APR15_2015_#5 April 08, 2015

Stephen McClanahan

2nd year aaot student

“I corrupted a digital document to get more time on an assignment.”

OTS_APR15_2015_#7 April 08, 2015

Sirafima Frolov

1st year dental hygiene student

“I told my teacher I just didn’t want to do it.”

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