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On The Spot 23 April 2013

What do you listen to when you study?

By Natalie Lieurance


Ellie Collins

First-year business student
“I put on either R&B or country on Pandora.”


James Maddison

First-year AAOT student
“Rap. It helps keep me on track.”


William Wallace

Second-year AAOT student
“Either silence or my headphones. If I’m writing creatively, it will be music.”


Maria Cervantes

Second-year AAOT student
“I don’t really listen to anything. I try to be in a quiet area so I can focus.”


Natalie Rauch

First-year nursing student
“Sometimes I listen to classical, but I don’t really listen to anything. If I listen to music, I start to think about the music and get distracted.”

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