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On The Spot 25 February 2015

How is the weather affecting your study habits?

By Crystal Smith – Photos By Crystal Smith


Jazmine Shyrock

second-year AAOT student

“I have study habits? Well, the weather hasn’t really affected them because I’m taking mostly easy classes this term.”


Courtney Lemon

first-year undecided student

“Because of the weather, over the last couple of days I went hiking and have been spending a lot of time with my friends. So I wrote a seven-page paper last night.”


Tim Bowen

third-year AAOT student

“When it was sunny, I was out on bike rides and being active. When it gets cloudier, like today, it’s perfect for studying.”


Josh Greene

first-year undecided student

“I’ve been spending a lot more time outside, so my procrastination skills are through the roof right now.”


Chau Nguyen

first-year Chemistry student

“It hasn’t really. The deadlines for schoolwork are there; it doesn’t change with the weather.”

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