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On The Spot 26 November 2014

What was your most enjoyable class this term?

By Renee Martinez Photos by Ted Stoffers


Linda Sutton

Third-year office administration and accounting student

“Payroll was a very intense class, and the the teacher was amazing. Students were fun, and the book made me think outside of the box.”


Laura Love Rathbun

An AAOT-degree student looking to transfer to OSU

“Math 111; the mathematics teacher was approachable and challengeable.”

OTS_Jacob Bewly_By_TS

Jacob Bewley

First-year automotive technical student

“CIS 101 because it’s an easy class, and I know about computers and have to take it for my degree.”

OTS_Laura Wimmer_by_TS

Lauren Wimmer

First-year chemistry student

“Biology 101 because of lots of labs and hands-on experience. I had a great teacher in Dr. Bledsoe.”


Terra Hyle

Second-year graphic design illustration student

“(I learned) a lot of different styles of illustration, and the teacher is awesome.”

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