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On The Spot 27 May 2015

What is the best or most interesting thing that has happened to you at Chemeketa this year?

By Rebeca Ilisoi – Photos By Brad Bakke

OnTheSpot May 27_#4 May 20, 2015

Reza Moghaddampour

second-year AAOT student

“Driving here every day and not getting into a crash. It’s a perilous drive. That’s one thing I’m grateful for.”

OnTheSpot May 27_#5 May 20, 2015

Rachel Rich

second-year AAOT student

“I would say going to the Great Gatsby-themed ballroom dance. I took the ballroom dance class and it was a lot of fun. I also took some photos at the dance because I’m a part of the film photography class, and I’m excited to see how those turn out.”

OnTheSpot May 27_#3 May 20, 2015

Anna Polivka

first-year AAOT student

“The best thing has been being able to learn about a lot of people’s points of view during class discussions where I wasn’t expecting to be challenged in my own thinking. In my history class, for example, having discussions about different cultures and social norms has been eye-opening.”

OnTheSpot May 27_#2 May 20, 2015

Crystal Bridges

second-year pre-nursing student

“I am a pre-nursing student, but I am also a part of choir. This year, we’re doing an All Things Broadway theme, and it’s really interesting. We’ve teamed up with some theater people, and they’re choreographing dances for us. It’s nice to break the monotony of everyday academics.”

OnTheSpot May 27_#1 May 20, 2015

Anna Davidyuk

second-year pre-med student

“I got a job at the equipment center. We create a positive environment. It’s really fun and definitely a benefit.”

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