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On the Spot 29 April 2015

What do you think about the Courier coming to an end?

By Rebeca Ilisoi – Photos By Brad Bakke

Moises_Hernandez_OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no4_April 15, 2015

Moises Hernandez

first-year AAOT student

“Placing those limitations on writers and readers will greatly disappoint the community. Even though Chemeketa will save a few dollars, I do not believe it’s worth taking away this privilege.”

Guadalupe_Rivera_OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no2_April 15, 2015

Guadalupe Rivera

first-year pre-nursing student

“It’s upsetting, especially to the students on the paper and for Chemeketa students who look forward to reading it.”

Maddy_Thomas_OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no5_April 15, 2015

Maddy Thomas

second-year AAOT student

“I think that’s unfortunate because I found that the Courier was a way for students to connect with their campus and student life. When I want to get involved, I usually reference the paper or someone will show it to me.”

Alejandro_Diaz-Ching_OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no3_April 15, 2015

Alejandro Diaz-Ching

first-year AAOT

“It’s going to be a huge disappointment to the student body and unfortunate because the creative box of the student body will be getting smaller.”

Fabian_Curiel_OTS_By_Brad_Bakke__no1_April 15, 2015

Fabian Curiel

first-year AAOT student

“That sucks. I was going take it next year.”

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