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On The Spot 4-16-2014

As the weather gets nicer, would you want to have class outside?

By Natalie Lieurance


Felicia Burciaga

Firstyear AAOT student
“Harder.The good weather makes my adventurous side uncontrollable.”


Shaheen Seiffert

Secondyear business major
“Harder, because I just started my own business. I’m getting my shop set up and dealing with school at the same time.”


Brian Calvery

Firstyear AAOT student
“Easier. It’s a new start,and there’s nice weather. There’s no reason to be able not to focus.”


Thomas Giruc

Secondyear business major
“It should be fine. The nice weather will have no effect on me.”


Kelly Robertson,

Secondyear psychology major
“Easier, because this is an easier term than last for me. I was working on production for a
film, and it was really crazy. I get a break this term.”

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