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On The Spot 4 March 2014

Have you had time to look at the catalog for spring term?

By Crystal Smith – Photos By Crystal Smith

Stephen Doak Cropped

Stephen Doak

first-year visual communications student

“I have been too lazy to look at the catalog.”

George Pric Cropped

George Price

first-year personal enrichment student

“I am taking Navigating the Long term Health Care System.”

Sarah Daves Cropped

Sarah Daves

first-year nursing student

“I am taking NFM, Math 95, and Sociology. I have already picked days and times and am ready to register on March 12th.”

Anthony Nacrlli Cropped

Anthony Nacrelli

first-year linguistics and philosophy student

“I am planning to take SPN 102, MTH 111, and REL 201.”

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