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On The Spot 7 May 2014

What is your favorite outdoor activity that you can only do during the nice weather?

By Natalie Lieurance


Jackson Engelking

First-year AAOT student
“Golfing, because the blue skies and the white clouds complement the green grass perfectly.”


Raymundo de la Torre

Second-year nutrition student
“Soccer, because I love to play, and it’s not too hot out yet.”


Adrianne Thompson

First-year dental hygiene student
“Beach volleyball, because who wants to play beach volleyball in the rain?”


Raychel Somadhi

First-year human services student
“Walk, so I can soak up the vitamin D.”


Gabin Asullana

First-Year electrical engineering student
“Skateboarding. You can’t skateboard when it’s wet out, or else it will ruin your board.”

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