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On the Spot: Cellphones in the classroom

Photos by Jenaro Ramirez.

Portrait of Ty Shibley

Ty Shibley

It might be detrimental to the individual student, but other students shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. We’re all here for our individual benefit. If they want to screw themselves, they can screw themselves.

Ty Shibley, first-year student of business.


Portrait of Jason Richley

I think you should be able to use them whenever you want. As long as it’s not distracting to the teacher or the other students. If you pay to be here, it’s your right what you want to use.

Jason Richley, first-year general studies student.


Portrait of Max Garcia

I don’t think it’s bad, unless it becomes a distraction. Personally, I just use it to check the time, so I know how minutes are left in class because, you know, class gets boring.

Max Garcia, first-year electrical engineering student.

How do you feel about students—or teachers—using their phones in the classroom? Leave a comment below.

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