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On the Spot: Do you think Donald Trump should be impeached?

Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

Jazmin Granados
First-year, transfer

“In my opinion, yeah. I think some of his views on aliens and illegal aliens isn’t president worthy. I think when you’re in that position, you need to have more of an open mind to people who are in need of things, and I don’t think he has that.”

Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

Thomas Higginbotham
First-year, automobile technology

“No. Well, I just don’t think he should be impeached…I’m not really into politics, and I don’t really look for negative attributes in presidents. Well, specifically like any person really, like, especially Democrats, Republicans, either way, I don’t really look to impeach anybody. I just kind of stay out of it.”

Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

Colton Duda
First-year, journalism

“No. I think it’s more of just a— I don’t want to call it, like, a coup. I think that’s a stretch. I think that Democrats were not very happy with what happened, still upset around the 2016 election. They’ve been finding for the past three, almost four years, any reason to get Trump out of office. Do I think he’s very ethical? No. I don’t think Trump is a very good person, but I don’t think he necessarily should be impeached. I just don’t think that people like him very much, and that’s why they’re doing their best to get him out of office.” 

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