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On the spot Febrauary 19

Considering the snow days and holidays, how do you feel about losing  so many days of class this term?

By Brad Bakke
Albert Sierra_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1
Albert Sierra
Fourth-year public health student
“What seems to happen is there is no time allotted for snow days. For the professional programs [nursing, dental hygiene, dental assisting], there is no time built in make up days. They may end up trying cramming multiple days into one day.”
Jeramy McKay_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1
 Jeramy McKay
Second-year AAOT student
“It’s a little stressful. The workload has not changed. But the class time to receive lectures are gone.
“I am disappointed that the Veteran Club’s Feed a Vet Meal on Dec. 6 and Feb. 7 were canceled due to snow.  Thankfully, we have rescheduled it for March 14. It should not snow.”
Zach Alexander_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1
Zach Alexander
Second-year associate of general studies student
“It has been a bitter-sweet experience. I love the fact that I have been  due to catch up from my procrastination. At the same time, I feel short-changed in losing so much time of instruction that I have paid for.”
Nol Cobb_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1
Nol Cobb
Associate Dean of Health Sciences
“From the support side, this has not made a large impact. What has been the most noticeable is that people have returned relaxed and ready to roll.
“I know for the students, it has been much more stressful. They are losing class time. We are working with all the departments to make sure they are getting their required clinical hours and other course and licensure requirements.”
Thao Nguyen_By_Brad_Bakke_2014_#1
Thao Nguyen
First-year dental hygiene student
“We had two exams on Monday that had to rescheduled when classes were canceled. Now my classes are behind schedule. Everything has worked out so far. It has not been too stressful.”

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