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On the Spot: How are you adjusting to the start of fall term?

Photo by Jarret Whitenack

Ian Koenig 
First-year, business

“I have not become used to it yet. I work part-time right now, and I plan to just work weekends because the workload is a lot different than high school. I’ve never been insanely good with school, so [I’m] just familiarizing myself with the work.”

Photo by Jarret Whitenack

Kaitlyn Musack 
First-year, undecided

“I’m kind of just here going along with the flow, seeing if I get inspired. I was really looking forward to getting an education again because I definitely felt like I was losing some of my knowledge, so it’s nice to get that refresher. Socially, I’m working on it, but people seem great here. It’s been super manageable. I took the easiest classes. I’m really just here to hang out.”

Photo by Jarret Whitenack

Javon Logan 
Second-year, general studies

“It’s been easy so far; it’s towards the end where it gets really hard. Waking up early is hard, [but] for baseball, we had to get up really early in the morning for two weeks, so that helps.”

Photo by Jarret Whitenack

Mattie Barry 
Second-year, general studies

“I’m just making sure I read all the syllabi and make sure I have everything under control. It’s hard to get back on a schedule and making sure to get everything done on time. [It’s] not really hard waking up early because I don’t have really early classes. Talking to my counselor [has been helpful] because she helps me make sure I’m on track.”

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