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On The Spot: How do you feel about the ‘Finals Week’ Statue being moved inside the library?

Justin Lavarnway, fourth year human resources student

“I remember it when it was out here. I think it did better out here. There is just something to it. There’s a different kind of vibe. I didn’t even notice until now, but I liked the statue out here a lot better.”

Mackenzie Kier, second year transfer student

“It’s out of the way. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Jeremiah Limas, fourth year business administration student

“At first when I saw it there it was an interesting display to see just a random statue there. When you see it in there you don’t really see it anymore. It hasn’t really affected mainly because I don’t walk by here too often. How do I feel about it? I guess indifferent. To leave it in there it’s off-putting actually, he’s just kind of there.”

Jenna Gross, first year transfer student

“I like it. Because I would always almost run into him and it scared me. It was kind of in the way.”

Kasey Peterson, first year transfer student

“I didn’t notice until you said something, I think it is better outside, its more noticeable. It looks kind of weird on the inside of the window. I thought it was weird in the first place.”



All photos by Saul Rodriguez