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On the Spot: Post-Election Responses


Tristan Martineau,  First-year student, AAOT: 

“It is very interesting scenario and a lot of people are being manipulated in ways they shouldn’t be, but the only true way to tell is to see what’s going to happen over these next couple of months.”




Kaylee House, Second-year student, Undeclared:

“I’m annoyed. I wish that we didn’t have the electoral college.”



Kristin McConnell, Second-year Student, AAOT:

“Honestly, I didn’t want either one in office, I was more interested in making sure we got someone in there who was for the people. With Clinton it was ‘I’m a liar, and I don’t trust you’ and with Trump it was ‘I’m a womanizer, and I don’t care what anybody thinks.’ I think we were screwed either way.”




Dustin Campbell, FIrst-year Student, Biology:

“I didn’t always agree with Trump and the things he said. It’s insane he came as far as he did, but who won won. There’s not much you can do about it now. We have to support him and hope he doesn’t go back to what he was doing with the hate speech. It’s unfortunate in my eyes, but in his acceptance speech he seemed much more respectful. The fact that he said he wants to make the country safer for people in the LGBTQ community was great. If he keeps that up maybe he can do good, but if he goes back to the ‘get all the Mexicans out of here’ and the terrible things he said towards women then I don’t know what will happen.”




Jonah Ferreiro, First-year Student, Biomedical Research:

“I think that it’s just absolutely insane; nobody thought Trump was going to win. The revolutions at PSU [and] how they took I-5 and the corridor remind me of a liberal Al-Qaeda. People are acting like liberal jihadists now and they’re going to take that seriously. I’ve been seeing Facebook posts for a new nation called Cascadia because the West Coast is pissed.”




Monserrat Ochoa, Second-year Student, Computer Science:

“Either way with these candidates, I would’ve been a bit upset with who[m]ever won. I don’t really favor one over the other. Since Trump won, I am a bit worried about the things he said he was going to do.”