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On the Spot: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Photos by Caleb Wolf.

Portrait of Mara Steele

Mara Steele

I never officially made one, but I think my unofficial New Year’s resolution was to become more strong in myself, and more stable as a person.

Mara Steele, first-year student of psychology.


Portrait of Artem Synytsia

Artem Synytsia

Not to procrastinate on things I want to do, like homework and studying.

Artem Synytsia, second-year transfer student.


Portrait of Bryce Olson

Bryce Olson

I don’t have one, I never made one. I guess everything’s going the way I need it, so there’s no reason to make one.

Bryce Olson, first-year student of theatre.

What was your New Year’s resolution? Leave a comment below.

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