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On the Spot: What study skills do you use for success?

Photo by Carlos Pimentel

Caleb Brotnov
Second-year, fire programs

“For success, what I like to do is I take notes in class, and then outside of class, and before tests, I like to go and review my notes to make sure I know my information. I like to take notes and review my notes outside of class just to let it sink in deeper. Show up to class, pay attention, and make school an effort, like a job.”

Photo by Carlos Pimentel

Abi Ped
Second-year, nursing

“Try [to] make some friends in classes, ‘cause, if you’re struggling, they can help you out. People learn differently.  Definitely take advantage of the tutoring centers and the library with the writing center. There are a lot of resources here that I have had to go to because I have been struggling with the class. Communication with the teacher is big because they are the ones who taught you, so if you have a really big question, ask them because they can help you.”

Photo by Carlos Pimentel

Benjamin Colton Pruitt
Second-year, fire suppression

“For me? Repetition. I like to take my notes, go home and just kind of go over them. It’s just that muscle memory of going through everything that you already just learned. Just hearing it once is not enough. You gotta go through it multiple times. Just reading [the textbook] once probably is not enough either…Treat it like a job. Just put all your effort into it. Don’t put it aside and don’t procrastinate. That is a big one. Get things done and make it the main focus in your life. And I feel like you’ll be good with those in mind.”

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