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Close Signs with AIB College of Business

On May 20, the Chemeketa Storm’s Zach Close signed his letter of intent to play baseball next year for AIB College of Business in Des Moines, Iowa. Close was surrounded by his family, friends, and coaches when he signed.  Close is receiving an out-of-state tuition

Chemeketa Remembers the Fallen

By Ramon Camacho The gray skies and chilly, rainy, typical Oregon spring weather appeared to hold off as Chemeketa students, staff, and veterans assembled to celebrate the Veterans’ Club Memorial Day celebration in the Quad next to Bldg. 9 on May 30. Among those present

Longboarders can be seen shredding Chemeketa

By Candance Hill As more sunny days approach Chemeketa, longboarders emerge from their wintery slumber. A longboarder from Chemeketa’s Dallas campus, Kyle Schmidt, has been waiting for months for the opportunity to start cruising down hills and attempting rad flip tricks. Schmidt began longboarding in

Chemeketa navigates a gift to Garmin

By Brad Bakke On May 29, Chemeketa officials visited Garmin AT in Salem to offer a thank-you gift. During the past year, Garmin has donated nearly $400,000 in electrical equipment and computer components to the college’s electronics department. Garmin AT is the expanded aviation division

A Gamer’s Paradise

By Travis Loose Many people walk past without even glancing, day after day. Some look momentarily as they shuffle along to classes or the Food Court. Fewer still actually stop to watch. Those who don’t take notice are missing something remarkable: a completely legal and

Students Pay it Forward

Shovels? Check. Rakes? Check. Trowel? Check. Additional gardening tools? Check.

Working hands and good attitudes? Check.

On May 10, students and staff gathered in the quad and various other locations around campus to both clean up and to thank the Chemeketa facility services team at the same time.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., students and staff from various departments volunteered their time to tidy up locations around campus. Students who participated in the Into the Quad event planted garden beds and picked up trash.

Reynolds plays catcher.

Reynolds plays 9 in 9

If you were to see Storm baseball player Jake Reynolds in the hallways at Chemeketa, you would probably think that he is a normal guy.

You’d notice that he is friendly with everyone he interacts with and is often surrounded by other students, especially women, when he’s at other Chemeketa events.

Reynolds, by all accounts, is an ordinary guy and an ordinary baseball player.

But on May 14, Reynolds’ last home game of his Chemeketa career, he did something extraordinary.