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Player Profile: Avery Sundberg


Photo by Terri Jacobson

Avery Sundberg is a second-year student and setter on the Chemeketa Women’s Volleyball Team. Prior to attending Chemeketa, Sundberg attended Sam Barlow High School where she played volleyball throughout high school. While she does not plan on continuing playing volleyball once she transfers, she does want to be part of the nursing program here at Chemeketa.  

What are you majoring here at Chemeketa?

“I am majoring in the nursing program here at Chemeketa and it’s a two-year program and from there I’ll become an RN (Registered Nurse).”

How did you get into volleyball?

“My mom when I was really little, so like playing YMCA Volleyball in like second grade.”

Does anyone inspire you to play the sport?

“My mom and my friends…I love being here with my teammates and just like making a family out of it.”

What position do you play?

“I am a setter, and my job as a setter is to get the balls from people who make first contact, and then I use my hands to set up all of our hitters on our team…front row and back row.”

How has the transition been for you from high school to college?

“It’s been good; it’s different because we don’t have dorms here, so completely living on my own in an apartment, but I live with a girl on our team–Hayden Quatre–and we have become best friends, so it’s nice to have someone but other than that it hasn’t been too hard.”

Any advice for anyone who is having a hard time balancing school and sports?

“Just to keep at it and trust your friends and your coaches and use everything you have here to help you through it.”


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