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Player Profile: Brock Koone

Brock_Koone _By_Brad_Bakke__no1_May 06, 2015

Photo and story by Kaydi Milton

What are your plans for next year?

My plans are to attend OIT for the next two years and study vascular technology. I’m just hoping for a scholarship from there.

What advice would you give to athletes who are striving toward a goal?

Keep your blinders on. Don’t let anything get you off track. Keep working hard every day.

How do you balance baseball and school?

School comes easy to me, so I feel I don’t need to focus as much on school as I do with baseball.

What keeps you motivated through the year?

My coaches and the baseball program. The culture here keeps me in line and keeps me focused.

What is your biggest baseball pet peeve?

When people don’t sprint their hardest on the field. You need to give it your all, plus some more.

Who is your biggest baseball inspiration?

My high school coach, Kevin Wilson.

Does your team have any traditions or rituals before a game?

Yes, all the guys line up on the foul line and Evan Erskine does flips and tricks that get us pumped for the game.

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