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Player Profile: Jack Frazier

By Christopher Gonzalez

Portrait of Jack Frazier in his Chemeketa Storm uniform.

Jack Frazier, a second-year Chemeketa student and guard for the Chemeketa Storm men’s basketball team. (Photo: Terri Jacobson)

Jack Frazier is a second-year student and guard on Chemeketa’s Men’s Basketball Team. Prior to attending Chemeketa, Frazier attended South Salem High School, where he also played basketball. He is studying civil engineering, but is uncertain on where he plans to transfer to because he still wants to pursue a career in basketball at a four-year university.

How did you take interest in basketball?

“Basketball has been a passion of mine since I was younger. [I] got into basketball when I was in second grade and started playing competitively. Basketball has always been part of my life. I have a passion for it.”

Do you have any players who inspire you?

“I’d say Lebron James [and] Dwyane Wade. [They] are big inspiration[s] of mine because Lebron [is a] great basketball player, but off the court he’s just a great person. He’s involved in the community. He’s a true role model kids could look up to. He has a positive influence on younger kids.”

How do you balance school and sports?

“It’s hard. Taking up [to] 16, 17, sometimes 18 credits in a term with basketball, practice few times a week and then games. It’s tough, but when you really want to do something, you’ll make time for it.”

Do you have any advice for a student who is struggling with both school and sports?

“Seeing an adviser maybe or it’s a lot about time management and staying organized. There’s a lot of time throughout the day that maybe you’re on facebook or social media, time that’s precious time that you could be using to study for classes. There’s a lot of time that people use for stuff that’s not very necessary that you could put towards your academics. That way you don’t always feel like you’re procrastinating that much, so that’s a major thing right there.”

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