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Player Profile: Kendal Bailey

Photo by Caleb Wolf.

Kendal Bailey is a second-year player student and pitcher for Chemeketa’s Softball Team. Prior to attending Chemeketa, Bailey attended Scappoose High School, where she pitched all throughout high school. She does not plan on continuing softball once she transfers to Oregon State but rather likes the idea of becoming a coach someday at the high-school level, and then possibly a coach at the Junior College level later on.

What are you majoring in here at Chemeketa?

I am actually getting my associate’s degree here and then continuing on with Oregon State and going into their Fish and Wildlife program.

How did you get into softball?

I started because my older sister was playing, and my dad wanted me to be participating in some kind of sport… So I started pitching in little league when I was nine or ten, barely getting the ball across the plate… We had a family friend who knew of a pitching coach and the ball kinda got rolling from there and that’s how I really got into pitching.

How has the transition from high school to college been for you?

I come from a smaller school, and softball was a pretty big deal in Scappoose because we have a really good program there, and so I’ve always played traveling summer ball… There were some things that were hard to balance with school and everything, but high school and college, you know, knowing how to balance out the two is kinda similar.

What is the atmosphere like for you during a game?

I kind of feel a sense of pressure sometimes just because it’s a big deal. You know you want to throw that strike with that first pitch or you want to make sure that you’re providing for your team so that you’re able to get the outs for your defenses but the atmosphere it’s good, it’s high intensity.

How do you prepare yourself before each game?

It’s definitely a mental thing, especially when it comes to softball and being a pitcher… Once you’re in your head, it affects not only you, but also the whole team… Most of the time when you’re a pitcher, you’re either the captain or kinda in the leading positional role on the team. And so it’s always important just to make sure you have the right mindset going into a game.

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