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Player Profile: Kyle Sturgeon

Photo by Terri Jacobson

Kyle Sturgeon is a second-year student and pitcher for Chemeketa’s Men’s Baseball Team. Prior to attending Chemeketa, Sturgeon attended Henley High School in Klamath Falls, where he played baseball all through high school. He is currently undecided on his major, but is enrolled in general studies classes and hopes to transfer to a university in Oregon in the near future.

How do you prepare yourself before a game?

“Preparation doesn’t start the morning of or the night before a big game, preparation starts months prior. As my teammates know, we’ve been preparing for this season for several months, and preparation does not happen in the moment, it happens in the moments prior to a big game or a situation. A possible challenge could be that you don’t throw as much as you want to or expect to throw because you always feel like you can go longer but can’t.”

What’s the atmosphere like for you during a game?

“In my mind I am calm, 100% calm at all times. I don’t show too much body language. The atmosphere in general is comfortable to me. I feel secure with my teammates behind me playing defense.”

How has the transition from high school to college been for you?

“With college, I figured out that you have to prioritize your time in a more efficient manner as opposed to high school, and that transition hasn’t been a problem to me so far, and I’m enjoying [it] every single step of the way.”

How did you get into baseball?

“I’ve been playing baseball ever since I can remember. [I’ve played since] Tee-Ball and just grew up in a baseball family.”

Who is your favorite MLB player and why?

“Andrew McCutchen because I believe he portrays [and] displays the necessary attributes that a great leader should have, and I look up to that.”

Any advice to anyone who is trying to manage school and sports?

“Yes. Here at Chemeketa, we have required study hours that all athletes have to participate in and if their grades aren’t up to a certain standard, I would recommend putting in a significant amount of time. Do more than what is expected.”

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