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Player Profile: Lakin Susee

Storm basketball player Lakin Susee.
Photo by Michael Eubanks.

Lakin Susee is a second-year student and guard on Chemeketa’s women’s basketball team. She is studying public health and hopes to transfer to Oregon State University next fall. When she was a student at John F. Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel, Susee was on the school’s first women’s basketball team to win the state championship. Though Chemeketa’s basketball season doesn’t officially start until January, the team will be participating in the YVC Tip-Off Tournament at Yakima Community College on November 17.

How did you take an interest in basketball?

My older siblings played basketball, and at first when I was little I didn’t want to play because I was scared of it. I’m just a really competitive person, and that’s one of the sports that my school district offered. So I just really got interested in it.

How do you handle pressure on the court? Does it ever get to you?

Sometimes it does, and I get super nervous before games, but other times I’m okay because I understand that this doesn’t affect my entire success in life. It’s just a hobby kind of thing.

How do you balance school and sports?

Balancing school and sports is kinda hard sometimes because our practices are late. When I get home, I don’t really want to be doing homework. So, I have a planner that I kinda have a to do list [in]. So I really just try to prioritize school work. My parents were always like ‘you need to get a 4.0’. I guess I’m kinda competitive in school too. I like have to get a 4.0 and if my older siblings got a grade in this class, then I have to get a better grade. Everything is a competition to me.

Do you have any inspirations?

I look up a lot to my sister. I kind of follow in her footsteps in every way I guess. She does those sports; I do those sports. She actually majored in community health, so she just kinda set a path for me. She inspires me to be a person like her, so I think that’s why I really followed in her footsteps.

Any advice that you would give for a student athlete struggling with managing sports and school?

I think what’s most helpful for me is that I set goals for myself, but then I also realize that a lot of things in our life aren’t going to be what makes us successful or happy, [they] aren’t going to determine what we do with our lives. I think that’s what really helps me. I realize that there’s a bigger picture and that small struggles now aren’t going to affect me later with my overall happiness.