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Player Profile: Tori Swanson

Portrait of Tori Swanson

Chemeketa basketball player Tori Swanson. Photo by Terri Jacobson.

Tori Swanson is a second-year student and guard on Chemeketa’s Women’s Basketball Team. Prior to attending to Chemeketa, Swanson attended South Salem High School, where she played basketball for four years. She is currently working towards a transfer degree, but is considering majoring in education in the future.

How did you get into basketball?
“That would probably go all the way back to when I was four or five. That was when I first started practicing and just playing a lot with my older brothers. I think I started in the KYBA [Keizer Youth Basketball Association] and then I continued through that program for a while, and ever since then it’s just been a year-around experience.”

Who inspires you to play the sport?
“LeBron James has always been my favorite player since I was little. I have a poster of him. But I think as of now, part of my family that inspires me would be my stepdad Cory Largent, because he’s been in our lives for about six years now. He’s made a lot of impact with the people and players that he’s coached, and a lot of relationships have been built through that. I think I’ve definitely looked up more to him as I have worked out with him, and seeing what he does now has impacted me growing up.”

How do you balance school and basketball?
“It definitely has its tough moments, because there’s a lot of homework that needs to go in with time around practice. It goes from school to homework, back to practice, to homework to maybe sleep if you get around to that.”

How is the transition from high school basketball to college?
“For the most part I think it’s been pretty easy. There have been some differences, but not a whole lot, and I think part of that has to do with the community college level aspect. But transferring or coming to Chemeketa, and having Coach Kevin as a coach, and the players and teammates I’ve been around make it easier to work with.”

Do you plan to continue playing basketball once you transfer?
“Yes, definitely. Otherwise, I don’t really know what I would do.”

Do you have any advice for a student who is struggling with both school and sports?
“I would just make sure to prioritize school first, and then do basketball always. At the end of the day if you’re not eligible to play, you can’t play. No matter what. If you are new to a school, or transferring, then I would suggest to get closer to your teammates. Figure out the best ways to work together because teammates help with a lot of aspects.”

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