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President Cheryl Roberts’ Welcome

One of the reasons we attend college is to make something new of ourselves. For some of us it might be an extreme makeover, for others it might be a tune up. Whether it is acquiring new knowledge or new job skills, at Chemeketa you have the opportunity to discover what inspires you and makes you curious about life and the world.

As you begin fall term, I want you to do one thing differently. You can decide whether it is big or small. It just has to make a difference in helping you succeed academically.

The factors that determine whether a student succeeds at college are clear.  They are not mysterious nor are they random –

1.     Show up to class

2.     Read your textbooks

3.     Complete your homework

4.     Ask for help

5.     Participate in a study group

6.     Draft then revise your papers

7.     Practice your presentations

8.     Use tutoring, study skills or writing center services

9.     Stay organized

10.  Make a plan with an advisor

11.  Get involved in a club or college activity

Now is your time and Chemeketa is your place to transform.  Welcome to fall term and discovering the joy of learning and succeeding.

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