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President Howard reflects on beginnings

Kicking off winter term’s Soapbox Poetry, President Jessica Howard presented a collection of twelve poems.

“I thought I would choose beginnings [as a topic] because it seemed appropriate since I just started here at Chemeketa,” said Howard. Howard has been Chemeketa’s president for six months. 

As an English major, Howard shared that she attended many poetry classes during her undergraduate career. She took this reading as a chance to revisit her old college textbooks to find the perfect poems to capture her theme.

“It was so, so, so fun. I enjoyed it. I ended up going way off task and just reading things,” she said. “It was like a journey.”

The next Soapbox Poetry event will feature Mary Ellen Scofield, Chemeketa’s Program Review and Accreditation Specialist, reading for a collection titled “Essentials” in the Art Gallery on Jan. 27.

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