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Quick Hits 02-26-14


Ten things everyone should know about the Associated Students of Chemeketa 

10. We are all students.

9. We strive to be the student voice to Chemeketa’s Board of Education and the college administration

8. We finally have a new leader, Adam Holden. We are no longer a ship adrift at sea.

7. We staff the Book Exchange, where students can sell their textbooks to other students at the beginning and end of each term.

6. We are the student voice on many of Chemeketa’s committees. Among them: Academic Standards Committee, Presidential Advisory Committee, Sustainability Advisory Committee, Curriculum advisory Committee.

5. Our office is in Bldg. 2-178, We share space with clubs, along with workroom and meeting space.

4. We have student representation at the Yamhill campus as well as Salem’s main campus

3. We host events such as Pizza & Politics, the Penny Harvest, Earth Day Fair,  etc., to hear from students on what matters.

2. We meet from 1 to 2 p.m. each Friday in the Bldg. 2 board room. We often staff a table in the Bldg. 2 lobby and a window in Student Retention & College Life.

1. Several of our members regularly visit the state Capitol to speak with legislators on behalf of the college as well as our community college neighbors.  Being the closest campus to our center of government has its perks.

You are welcome to stop in and hi or to ask about the Associated Students of Chemeketa. 




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