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Quick Hits 23 April 2014

Top Ten reasons to enroll in Chemeketa’s Fire program

10. The Fire program first started when Chemeketa was known as Salem Technical College in the mid- 1960s.

9. The Fire program has had graduates working in more than 30 different states.

8. The program is internationally accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress.

7. As a student, you get to work side by side with professionals from Marion County FD. No 1, Salem and the Keizer Fire Department.

6. In fact, you’ll work with so many great people that your shift/ co-workers quickly become your second family.

5. As a student you must cook at least one meal, per term, for your shift. Sorry beanie weenies do not count

4. You get to learn how to properly clean floors, do laundry, and other fundamental housekeeping skills.

3. This is cool: You get to learn how to cut apart cars.

2. You also get to learn how to rescue people from a burning building, or hanging off a cliff, or in a roaring river.

1. And the Number One reason? Yes, you do get to drive a huge red fire engine.

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