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Quick Hits 28 May 2014

Quick Hits

Top Ten Reason to Enroll in Chemeketa Summer Classes

10. The parking lots are less crowded.

9. The two accelerated Spanish classes are worth 6 credits each, allowing you to get a term and a half’s worth of language for each class … or the first year of Spanish in a single term if you take both classes during the summer.

8. The lines at the lunch counter are shorter and more manageable, especially when you arrive hungry after that early morning tee-time.

7. The classes are often smaller and certainly more casual. Write it down: Suits and ties are not required.

6. Want to dance like Michael Jackson, or be a big neighborhood hit on Halloween? Sign up for the Thriller Dance Choreography class.

5. Five words: Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style.

4. Meet Ken Barker for a two- day kayaking tour, starting at Roger’s Landing in Newberg on day one and then taking on the Willamette River at Clackamette Park on day two. You can’t get that experience in a winter math class.

3. Take a lesson from George Costanza and his father and attend Anger Management classes … just in case your favorite team is in the doldrums and you feel a bit of hostility coming on.

2. Have we mentioned easy parking and shorter lines at lunch and smaller and more casual classes?

1. Computers got you down? No worries. You can register by phone: 503-365-4773.
Chemeketa’s summer classes begin on June 23.

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