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Quick Hits 4-16-2014 – Top 10 reasons to read the Courier

10. Catch up on all the latest happenings around the college, using the weekly Calendar feature. (Want to publicize  our own campus event? Send it along to

9. Worried about your midterm or finals schedule? Don’t bother calling the Ghostbusters; check here instead.

8. Want to know how Chemeketa’s sports teams are faring each week? This is the place; you’ll find weekly updates, stories, photos, reports.

7. Don’t have the time to check out the Art Gallery’s latest show? Check out the Courier instead for photos and insights.

6. Want to know what your fellow students are up to? Yup. This is still the place.

5. Want to catch up with the Courier but aren’t on campus? Check out the newspaper’s website at www.

4. Looking for the who, what, where, when, and why of life and times at Chemeketa? You got it … you’ll find it in the Courier.

3. Students who read college newspapers regularly are far more likely to (fill in your own blank here).

2. Looking for good deals around town and around campus? Check out the Courier’s advertisers.

1. Trying to make sense out of what happens on a daily basis at Chemeketa? Make the Courier your first stop each Wednesday during the spring term

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