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Quick Hits – Trio

Ten things about TRiO…

10. Applying for TRiO is easy. Just go online to

9. TRiO students and staff make lifelong friendships and references.

8. Of last year’s seven Chemeketa FORD Scholarship winners, six were TRiO participants.

6. TRiO students are the ones you see rockin’ those cool TRiO T-shirts … yeah, they’re that cool.

7. TRiO students have access to free individual and group tutoring opportunities in math, writing, and science.

5. TRiO students are twice as likely to graduate and/or transfer as students without TRiO.

4. TRiO is starting a mentor program to support transferring students.

3. TRiO has answers to questions about graduating and transferring.

2. TRiO provides a welcoming place on campus.

1. TRiO services are free to qualified participants who are low-income, first-generation, or have a documented disability.


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