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Chemeketa’s College Support Services

10. This college division consists of the VP’s office, Auxiliary Services (the Book Store, mail services, printers, etc.), Budget and Finance, Business Services, Facilities and Capital Projects, Human Resources/Payroll/ Employee Development, Information Technology, Public Safety, Legal Resources, Lean Development, and Risk Management.

9. Each year, CSSD provides services to 39,000+ students, 2,350 employees and 1.3 million square feet of buildings at the Salem and Yamhill Valley campuses, Woodburn, Brooks, and Dallas Centers, Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry, Eola Northwest Wine Studies Center, Winema, the Santiam site, and leased properties.

8. The average distance a daytime custodian walks in a day is 10 miles. Facilities staff maintains nearly 300 acres of grounds.

7. Last year, Public Safety Officers responded 3,100 times to lock or unlock a door. Thefts from vehicles continue to decline from 59 in 2010 to 10 in 2012.

6. Last year, 5,850 rolls of paper towels were used at the college, totaling 4,968,000 feet; enough to stretch from Salem to Phoenix.

5. Last year the Book Store offered 100 rental and eBook titles, saving students $245,000 in three terms.

4. Business Services issued $53,872,053 in financial aid payments last year and responded to hundreds of calls from students, parents, businesses, and community members regarding accounts.

3. Information Technology yearly supports 300 computers and tablets, blocks 6 million unwanted SPAM messages, and maintains 585,186 MyChemeketa and student email accounts, 200 miles of fiber optic cable, and 223 high-tech classrooms.

2. Students and Student Success are central to the college vision of transforming lives and communities through exceptional learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. CSSD employees want to be known for their expertise, helpfulness, exceptional service, responsiveness, professionalism, collaboration, innovation and creative problem solving

1. CSSD is proud to support student success by meeting the operational needs of students and staff. We are an essential piece of the college!

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