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Reaction to the Chemeketa Board of Education’s appointment of Julie Huckestein as college president

David Hallett, the college’s Executive Dean of General Education and Transfer Studies:

“I was very pleased that our board took swift action and made the appointment of Julie permanent. As a member of Chemeketa’s Executive Team, I’ve had the chance to work closely with Julie and truly believe she has the right skill set to serve our students and the broader college community well.

“She cares deeply about quality and constantly seeks to listen fully and understand all aspects of issues that concern the college. Julie is down to earth and provides a sense of stability that Chemeketa is hungry for. Julie has done a wonderful job in the interim role, and I expect that she will continue to do great things in the permanent role.”

Traci Hodgson, president of the Chemeketa Faculty Association:

“The Chemeketa Faculty Association has been very pleased with Julie’s passion leading the college thus far, and we are happy to continue to work closely with her in the best interests of quality education for our students.”

Andrew Bone, the college’s Executive Dean and Interim Vice President:

“I’ve worked closely with Julie for 10 years. She is smart, competent, and trustworthy, and Chemeketa will be well served with her as president.”

Ed Dodson, chairman of the Chemeketa Board of Education:

“I am completely confident in the decision. This is my third presidential search, and truthfully, I’ve never been surer about the person we selected.

“We’ve observed in the last eight months Julie making application in ways beyond anything we could have expected. Her openness, her transparency – it’s just incredible the way she involves others in decisions.”

Terry Rohse, president of the Chemeketa Classified Association:

“I personally feel the Chemeketa Board of Education made a very good decision. I have always had a great working relationship with Julie.

“Julie brings a good fiscal foundation to the presidency, and her institutional knowledge of Chemeketa makes her a well-balanced leader. The word in the halls from staff and students is relief that Julie accepted the position. We are all very happy.

“The Classified Association looks forward to continue to work with Julie during her tenure. We are all here for the same reason: to provide the best education for our students. We believe that Julie has our students, staff, and faculty at heart and will do all she can to make this a great place to work and learn.”

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