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Salem Police escort B.L.M. protestors during June 1 march

On Monday, more protestors gathered at the capitol building in Salem. The event was noticeably different from the demonstration on Saturday night in which some protestors vandalized capitol building monuments and damaged property at Salem Center Mall.

While the police watched the event closely, none were in riot gear. Instead, police blocked off streets and intersections so protestors could march.

When protestors made their way back to the capitol mall, they were met by two Salem police officers kneeling in front of them. Lieutenant Trevor Upkes read a statement on behalf of the Salem Police Department.

After sundown, almost all in attendance lit candles and together, marched to the new Salem Police headquarters where they planned to leave the candles at the front of the building. Since the area is a construction zone, police asked the protestors if they could leave their candles at a traffic barrier in front of the headquarters.

Almost all of those in attendance remained peaceful. However, once the event began to shut down and demonstrators started to leave, other individuals remained behind causing traffic issues and other disruptions. Police could be heard on dispatch saying they were throwing rocks and other projectiles.

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