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Soapbox Poetry counts buttons

Stephanie Lenox laughing as she prepares to read.
Photo by Taylor Wynia

In honor of national Count Your Buttons Day on Oct. 21, Chemeketa Press instructional editor Stephanie Lenox read a small collection of poems for Soapbox Poetry.

Soapbox Poetry is an event hosted by Chemeketa Writes, where employees are encouraged to share a short collection of poems under a specific theme. As Lenox read, she asked audience members to reflect on the metaphor of buttons as “quiet objects we don’t even notice until they’re gone.” 

Lenox found references to buttons in two of her published poetry collections. Among the four poems Lenox read, one conceptualized Adam, Eve and Mondays, and the other was from the perspective of the oldest male stripper in America. 

“It’s an important day for the way we honor buttons and the role they play in our lives: holding things together,” said Lenox with a smile. “It seems poetry is a kind of button that helps us hold ourselves together.”

The next Soapbox Poetry event will feature Michele Dishong McCormack reading from “Men Still in Exile” in the Art Gallery on Monday, Nov. 4, at 12 p.m.

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