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On The Spot: Are you prepared for finals?

Lilly Gimby, second-year nursing student

“Oh yeah. I don’t really know what my final is going to be over but I do feel prepared. I’m only taking one class, and that’s my main focus right now.”

Corey Hogan, second-year business student

“Well I got to study then I’ll feel prepared, but so far I’m doing pretty good for finals. My math is easy, my writing is going to be easy because we’re only doing a presentation, and biology will be easy because it is just terminology. Overall I feel pretty prepared.”

Zack Baker, second-year network security management student

“Yeah. I’ve never had to study for tests and finals are no exception.”

Sharon Mendiola, first-year English student

“No, I’m trying to improve my English and I haven’t studied for that.”