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Storm baseball team wins both games of a doubleheader

By Simson Garcia

After a 2-2 start to the season, the Storm men’s baseball team swept two games on Saturday, playing the Centralia Trailblazers and the Edmonds Tritons.

In the third inning of the first game, Chemeketa struck first when second baseman Rocco Ferrari scored on a hit by DH Justin Adams. But that was the only run the Storm produced, leaving three men on base.

Chemeketa’s second run came in the following inning after hits leftfielder Nick Livingston and centerfielder Gerhett Moser.

The Storm continued to hit, producing seven hits in all through the first four innings. The Trailblazers also hit the ball hard but came away with a lot of fly-outs.

The Trailblazers managed a run in the top of the sixth inning, but Chemeketa scored again in the same frame.

A walk to catcher Joe Whisler, an error, and a Moser single made the score 4-1.

Two additional walks and more sloppy defensive play by the Trailblazers stretched Chemeketa’s lead to 6-1.

The Storm eventually took the 7-2 Storm victory. With good defensive help from the Storm’s outfield, pitcher Jordan Knoll earned the win down the stretch, notching six strikeouts.

In the second game against the Tritons, the Storm scored a run early to set the tone.

Chemeketa produced two more runs in the 4th and 5th innings, but the Tritons would got back into it with two runs of their own and were down by a single run heading into the ninth inning.

The game came down to pitching, with the Storm’s pitcher Kendall Motes prevailing in the end. Motes walked six batters but also managed four strikeouts, stranding 13 Edmonds runners.

The Storm recorded a 3-2 victory and a Saturday sweep.

The Storm is now 4-2 on the season with the next back-back series of games scheduled for this Saturday at Concordia University.

The games begin at noon.

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