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Storm softballers continue tough season with losses against Clackamas

By Emily Sisk

It didn’t end well, but at least the game wasn’t postponed by rain like so many others this season.

Chemeketa’s softball team took to the field at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in a double-header against Clackamas Community College at Wallace Marine Park. The Storm was unable to match the Clackamas offense in both games and lost 11-6 and 7-1.

Both teams took a while to warm up in the opener. Sophomore pitcher Rayne Sylvester gave up one hit in the top of the first inning, and freshman Taylor Castro was the only Storm hitter to reach base in the bottom of the inning with a single.

The second inning was even quieter; Chemeketa freshman Ashlea Bowden was the only player on either team to touch first base.

The action started at the top of the third when Clackamas produced three hits off Sylvester, two of them doubles.

The Storm was quickly down 2-0.

Sylvester had a two-out single for Chemeketa in the bottom of the inning, but the next batter struck out.

The fourth inning was almost a mirror image of the previous one. Clackamas scored twice on three hits, and the Storm produced a lone single at their turn at bat, this time by Bowden.

Chemeketa fared only slightly better in the top of the fifth. Clackamas had three hits and one run, making the score 5-0.

Things began to clock when the Storm players stepped into the batter’s box in the bottom of the inning. After a walk, an error, and a single by sophomore Sammi Brandstetter, Sylvester brought two teammates home.

Castro then single Brandstetter home, and sophomore Allie Anderegg followed with a three-run homer. The rally fell short when freshman Jessica Saxon was left on base in scoring position, but Chemeketa was leading 6-5 going into the fifth inning.

Although the offense had come alive, Chemeketa’s defense proved lackluster in the top of the inning. The Storm committed three errors, and Clackamas picked up two unearned runs to take the lead for good.

The Storm now trailed 11-6.

Chemeketa hitters were unable to put bat to ball into play in the bottom of the inning. Sylvester managed a walk but was unable to advance past first base.

The excitement of the game was over by the seventh. Neither team was able to produce a run, and the Storm players were left thinking about the nine runners they left on base.

The second game started out with the same leisurely pace as the previous one. Freshman pitcher Lindsay Hill gave up a walk and no hits in the first two innings.

Clackamas was nearly as successful in keeping Chemeketa off the bases. Brandsetter made it to first on a single and Sylvester walked, putting runners on first and second, but the inning ended without a run.

Hill hit a player with a pitch in the top of the third, which kick-started the Clackamas offense. A stolen base, a double, and a single later, Clackamas had a 3-0 lead.

Chemeketa played small ball in the bottom of the inning, producing a single and a walk but no runs.

Hill gave up two singles in the fourth, but she was able to quickly adjust and ended the inning with two quick strikeouts.

The bottom of the inning saw limited action from the Storm. Sophomore Sophie Hess was the only player who made it on base with a single.

Chemeketa’s defensive demons returned in the top of the fifth. Two errors advanced Clackamas runners, and Hill had two wild pitches; one advanced a runner, and the other brought in a run.

The Storm was fortunate to end the fifth inning trailing 4-0.

Castro walked in the bottom of the inning, but she was stranded there.

Clackamas stranded two runners in the next inning.

Hess was able to manufacture the Storm’s only run after reaching base on a fielder’s choice and then stealing two bases before crossing home.

The rough outing continued for Chemeketa in the seventh. A walk, an error, and a home run increased the Clackamas lead to 7-1.

The Storm ended the afternoon with three quick outs in the bottom of the inning.

As of Saturday evening, Chemeketa was currently in last place in the South region of NWACC with four games remaining.

The final home game will be a double-header at 2 p.m. on Friday against Mt. Hood.

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